Mia Liinason, Chair

Professor in Gender Studies at Lund University

Membership period 2018–2023

As an overarching scholarly ambition, I want to explore the impact of globalization on the struggle for rights in different regions of the world. Inspired by postcolonial feminist theory, I want to contribute to a more pluralistic image of the situation of women and lgbtqi people and of the struggle for justice and attend to multiple power relations that are not easily contained within national borders. My research destabilizes the previous strong position of the state and the nation within some branches of feminist theory by inquiring into what transnational encounters can mean for justice movements in different places. Moreover, my research examines the relationship between the state and civil society and demonstrates that this relationship actually is better characterized as fluid and ambiguous than hierarchical and stable. Together with my research group, I currently explore what these complexities imply for enactments of resistance and possibilities for change, through ethnographic fieldwork with local movements and transnational actors in the struggle for women’s and lgbtqi people’s rights in Russia, Scandinavia and Turkey.

I am Young Academy of Sweden's Chair for 2022–2023.


Mia Liinason Photo: Erik Thor/SUA
Mia Liinason Foto: Erik Thor/SUA
Equality Avenue Foto: Mia Liinason

1, 2 Press portraits Photo: Erik Thor/YAS 3. Equality Avenue, Fairhope, Alabama, USA. Photo: Mia Liinason (Click to enlarge)

Mia Liinason Photo: Erik Thor/YAS

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Photo: Erik Thor/YAS


Born: 1973
Family: Really large! My everyday life I share with my partner and my three children (born 1999, 2001 and 2005). 
Interests: To hike or run outdoors, especially in Vitsippsdalen. I like to discuss news, movies and books and has recently felt a need to re-enlighten writing as an important political act in commitment to social justice.
Other: I once stole a cab from a Nobel Laureate.

“I want to help make the university a heterogeneous place and look forward to sharing my thoughts about why and how the conditions can be improved for young researchers who are outside the norm of academia. I want to address the issue of research ethics and academic integrity seriously and highlight questions about unsecured employment and merit evaluation systems. I also hope to raise the curiosity and encourage the interest in research and science among the next generation of young researchers.”

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