Hanne Fjelde

Professor in Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University

Membership period 2018–2023

Competitive, multiparty elections represent an important tool for peacefully managing societal conflict between different interest groups. This is particularly the case for countries transitioning from civil war or authoritarian rule. Yet, electoral periods are often marred by widespread violence - for example against voters, political candidates, and election observers – aimed at influencing the electoral outcome. What factors influence the risk that elections experience violence between contending parties? What are the consequences of electoral violence for the long-term prospect for democratic transition and consolidation? And how can actors such as civil society, political parties or international observers reduce the risk that electoral violence becomes a threat to democratic governance? My research addresses these questions, for example through global comparisons of elections and their characteristics; through comparative case studies; and by collecting survey-data to understand how the threat of electoral violence influence voters’ attitudes and behavior.

Hanne Fjelde Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

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Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt


Born: 1978
Family: My daughter Eija (born 2013)
Interests: I like running, doing yoga, and being outdoors, and to sew, knit and other creative pursuits.

“I want to work for an open and equal academy, with safe career paths for younger researchers who can promote research.”

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