Marie Dacke

Associate Professor in Functional Zoology at Lund University

Membership period 2011–2016

My research focus om understanding the mechanisms behind insects unique abilities to safely navigate in our world - both at ground and in the air. I have a large engagement in the external activities at Lund University and lead the University Biology show.

In 2013 Marie Dacke was awarded the igNobel prize and her research has been a topic on the television series The Big Bang Theory. Marie is the winner of several Science Slams and in 2012 she won Swedens first ever Research Grand Prix with her interesting and entertaining 3 minute talk about Dung Beetles.


Click to enlarge. Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden

Click to enlarge. 1. Photo: Young Academy of Sweden, 2. Portrait Photo: Markus Marcetic/Young Academy of Sweden 3. Portrait

Marie Dacke Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden

(Click for high resolution image, opens in new window) Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden


Born: 1973
Family: husband and two children
Interests: Travel, exercise, train my dog, build things (from houses to chandeliers) grow vegetables.
Other: I am the expert with the strong south of Sweden-accent on the public service television show Studio Natur.

“I am member of the Young Academy of Sweden because it means a lot to me as a research leader to meet people from different academic backgrounds and universities, with different interests and knowledge, and together highlight research issues, problems and solutions from a variety of different angles. The network and the immediate insight and access into research policy are experiences and tools I will bring with me long after my membership's term in the academy.”

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