Erik Ingelsson

Professor, Molecular epidemiology, Uppsala University

Membership period 2011–2016

My research area is molecular epidemiology with a special focus on cardiometabolic disturbances, such as obesity and insulin resistance and their role in the development of subclinical and clinical cardiovascular disease. Although also using traditional epidemiological approaches suited for some research questions, the main focus is molecular epidemiology; studies of how cardiovascular disease and related conditions varies with DNA variation, RNA expression, circulating biomarkers such as proteins and metabolites, as well as with structures and functions measured by imaging.

I am also a member in the Global Young Academy since 2012.


Image: a bright field image of a CD and a HCD fed Larva (Click to enlarge).

Erik Ingelsson Photo: Markus Marcetic/Young Academy of Sweden

(Click for high resolution image, opens in new window) Photo: Markus Marcetic/Young Academy of Sweden


Born: 1975
Family: Wife and two children, born 2004 and 2005.
Interests: My family, our cabin in Järvsö, singing, music, theatre, fod, wine and excercise.
Other: Chair of Orphei Drängar, well-known male choir from Uppsala. Likes to cook and to eat.

“Amongst other things, I would like to promote the question about how a future research system should be designed: a system of transparency and justice, but at the same time, primarily rewards the best researchers and research communities.”

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