What qualities and prerequisites do academic leaders of the future need to have in order to contribute to society's development and prosperity? That question was discussed at YAS's seminar at Joda Bar & Kök in Almedalen. Participating from right: Linnéa Carlsson – chairperson of Sweden's united student unions' doctoral committee, Johan Rockberg - member of Young Academy of Sweden, Lina Nordquist – leader of the Liberals' group in the Riksdag and Helena Bornholm (left) – moderator, Young Academy of Sweden. Photo: YAS

Almedalen 2023: What leadership is needed for a free academy?


This spring, the Young Academy of Sweden launched its vision for 2030, where one of the goals is for Swedish academia to be characterized by ”freedom and responsibility”. At the academy's seminar in Almedalen, it was discussed what qualities and conditions future academic leaders need to have in order for such a system to be achieved.

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