Panelists: Research officer Thomas Palo, Vice chancellor Peter Högberg, Dean Torleif Härd and researcher Kristina Karlsson Green. Photo: Annika Moberg/Young Academy of Sweden

Career seminar How to succeed as a researcher at SLU

Young Academy of Sweden is on tour with career seminars, this spring we hosted a seminar at Uppsala University togehter with Junior Faculty. On 11 October we visited SLU and met with young researchers. Vice chancellor Peter Högberg and Young Academy of Sweden member Anna Rising were among the speakers, VH Future Faculty co-hosted the seminar.

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Vice chancellor Peter Högberg and others underlined the importance of mobility, to take opportunities to visit great research environments. SLU provides career support grants, in 2017 they started to distribute the support to 5 juniors and 5 seniors. The gender balance was fifty-fifty. It was also stressed that the ultimate destination must not be a Professor's title; there are more ways to pursue a research career. Among the young researchers' concerns were a lack of transparent career paths and what would be the most strategic choice, to teach or to gain clinical experience? Visiting researchers expressed the difficulty in understanding the Swedish research system in general. Next stop on the tour will be at KTH Royal Institute of Technology on 15 November.

1. Young Academy of Sweden member Anna Rising, associate professor of translational medicine and CEO Anna Wetterbom introduces the seminar. 2. Anna Rising presents Young Academy of Sweden. 3. SLU researcher Maja Malmberg presents VH Future Faculty. Click to enlarge. Photo: Young Academy of Sweden

1. Vice chancellor Peter Högberg 2. Young Academy of Sweden's CEO Anna Högberg moderated the seminar. 3. Audience and panel. Click to enlarge. Photo: Young Academy of Sweden

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15 November How to succeed as a researcher: KTH

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