Camilla Svensson (former Chair) Josefin Larsson, Sebastian Westenhoff, Aryo Makko, Gustaf Edgren, Katarina Wadstein Macleod, and CEO Anna Wetterbom. (Absent: new member Johanna Rosén) Photo: Annika Moberg/Young Academy of Sweden

Young Academy of Sweden celebrates its 6th anniversary and welcomes new members

On June 3, six new members were welcomed into the Young Academy of Sweden, from different research areas and universities. Three women and three men have been elected from about sixty applicants. The membership is limited to five years, which means that the academy is constantly renewed.

New members

The following six prominent researchers have been elected into the Young Academy of Sweden:

Gustaf Edgren, Associate professor och Research group leader, Resident physician in epidemiology and hematology at Karolinska Institutet and the Karolinska University Hospital
Josefin Larsson
, Associate professor in astronomy at the Royal Institute of Technology
Aryo Makko
, Pro Futura Scientia Fellow at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study and Associate professor in History at Stockholm University
Johanna Rosén
, Professor in Thin film physics at Linköpings University
Katarina Wadstein MacLeod
, Associate professor in art history at Södertörn University
Sebastian Westenhoff
, Professor in biophysical chemistry at Göteborg University

The Young Academy of Sweden consists of an election of the most prominent, younger researchers from all research disciplines. Qualification requirements for election are scientific excellence and an expressed engagement in research and research related questions. ‘Young’ in the Academy's sense, means that the elected researchers have defended their dissertations no longer than about ten years ago.

Kristian Pietras Foto: Annika Moberg/Sveriges unga akademi

Kristian Pietras

Continued high pace

This fall the Academy will continue to promote improved career paths for young researchers, e.g. the seminar tour that was launched at Uppsala University in March, will continue to other universities. During the summer, the academy will be part of the annual policy meeting in Almedalen, and at the third World Wide Meeting for Young Academies in South Africa.

– It's a great pleasure to welcome new members into the Academy, says Young Academy of Sweden's new Chair Kristian Pietras, Professor of Molecular Medicine at Lund University. We look forward to an eventful autumn, where we, with great enthusiasm, continue the work for attractive and transparent career paths for young researchers. We are also working on a series of constructive policy proposals, and look forward to new activities with high school students, and continue the dialogue with research funding agencies on the assessment of interdisciplinary research.

During the passed year, the Young Academy of Sweden conducted a seminar series on research ethics, participated in panel debates on Open science, discussed the assessment of interdisciplinary research with research councils and played the science game Expedition Mundus with some twenty school classes. The Academy has also been active in the research policy area, including as a referral body for the government's proposals for collaboration models. Furthermore Young Academy of Sweden hosted the European Research Council's 10th anniversary together with the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the Swedish Research Council. The core of the Academy's work, the Academy meetings, where the members get together to make decisions, talk, initiate activities and share their research, were held in Gothenburg, Oslo (Norway) and twice in Stockholm.


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