Young Academy of Sweden supports March for Science

On Saturday 22 April the March for Science takes place in Stockholm and more than 400 other cities around the world. By participating in the march, the Academy stands up for science and research.

Camilla Svensson Foto: Erik Thor/SUA

Photo: Erik Thor/YAS

– Of course we will take a stand for science and research and support the march, we hope to see you on 22 april! says Camilla Svensson, Young Academy of Sweden's Chair.

The initiative started in the US where researchers and the public want to manifest their support for the importance of science and scientific knowledge being implemented in society. It is emphasized that science knows no borders and that its strength and characteristics are diversity and openness. The march also provides an opportunity to celebrate science.

Young Academy of Sweden supports March for Science. In a time when fact resistance, alternative facts and fake news are high on the public agenda, we want to promote source criticism, critical thinking and a scientific approach.

Our society is built upon scientific results. For us, as for many other Swedish organisations and corporations, science is fundamental to our function. Society and researchers need each other to address the challenges ahead. We hope that you will support the manifestation on 22 April for an open, inclusive and accessible science!

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