Shervin Bagheri

Professor of Fluid mechanics at The Royal Institute of Technology

Membership period 2020–2025

I am interested in understanding how flowing fluids, such as liquids and gases, behave near surfaces and complex materials. Our main objective is to characterize transport of energy, mass and momentum between different media, such as flowing fluids and porous materials. Much of my research involves finding appropriate models that capture the dynamics of moving fluids and the properties of materials as well as the interaction between the two. We also perform numerical simulations resolving all length and time scales in order to identify key interaction mechanisms. We make use of experimental techniques to complement and validate our models. Our motivation comes from solving important engineering problems.


Research on friction can provide major environmental benefits. Video: The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF


1. Photo: Tobias Ohls 2. Photo: Erik Thor/YAS (Click for high resolution press photos)

Shervin Bagheri Photo: Erik Thor/YAS

Click for high resolution press portrait. Photo: Tobias Ohls


Born: 1979
Interests: Hiking, football and taking on new challenges (most recently MTB and guitar!)
Other: I spend a lot of time in my cottage in Dalarna.

“I am part of the Young Academy of Sweden because I want to reach out to young people with the message that it has never been so important and as fun to do research as it is now! I also want to work for researchers to have a fair and transparent career system.”

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