Researchers and members of parliament in place in the parliament ready for the network program. From the left:Frida Bender, Jakob Nordström, Karolina Skog, Tobias Andersson, Christian Ohm, Sverker Lundin, Helena Gellerman, Ola Möller, Staffan Eklöf, Sebastian Westenhoff, Mathias Osvath, Phillipe Tassin, Ronnie Berntsson, Mathias Tegnér, Sofia Lodén, Lina Nordquist, Ilona Szatmári Waldau, Johan Rockberg, Johan Zelano, Marie-Louise Hänel Sandström and Ellen Bushell. Photo: YAS/Rifo

Finally back to networking

This week, it was finally time for the start of the seventh round of the network program with members of parliament and researchers. 10 expectant young academy members gathered in the parliament for a packed program. For two days, they got to take part and learn how the political system works, go on study visits to a party office and participate in exciting discussions with members of parliament.

1.Sverker Lundin (CEO), Johan Rockberg and Sofia Lodén. 2. Christian Ohm hands over a copy of the children's book Forskardrömmar (Researcher dreams). 3. Rifo's Lars Eriksson guides in the Riksdag. Photo: YAS (Click for larger images)

1. From left: Lina Nordqvist (L), Sebastian Westenhoff (chair SUA) and Marie-Louise Hänel Sandström (M), Ellen Bushell (SUA). 2. The Prime Minister answers questions in the House. Sofia Lodén (SUA) and Mathias Tegnér (S). Photo: YAS (Click for larger images)

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