Top row, from left: David Karlander (photo: Susanne Lewin), Yaffa Epstein (photo: Danish Saroee), Yvonne Nygård (photo: Martina Butorac), Ruth Pöttgen (photo: Emma Burendahl) bottom row, from the left: Måns Magnusson (photo: Tobias Sterner), Iva Lučić (photo: Mikael Wallerstedt), Juan Rocha (photo: Cecilia Nordstrand) and Ann-Kristin Kölln (photo: Johan Wingborg).

Some of Sweden's most prominent young researchers inducted into the Young Academy of Sweden

Press release: On May 27, the Young Academy of Sweden (YAS) welcomed eight new outstanding researchers in widely dispersed subjects such as political science, particle physics, environmental law, linguistics and industrial biotechnology.

Young Academy of Sweden is an independent platform that gives younger researchers a strong voice and the opportunity to raise their eyes together and contribute to a better research system and society. In broad representation from various research fields and universities, research policy proposals, international cooperation and outreach work are developed to reach out with research to the public and especially children and young people.

YAS's new members

Ann-Kristin Kölln, Associate Professor of Political science at University of Gothenburg
David Karlander, Assistant professor of Swedish language at Örebro University
Iva Lučić, Associate professor of History at Stockholm University and Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies
Juan Rocha, Researcher in Environmental and Sustainability science at Stockholm University
Måns Magnusson, Associate senior lecturer, Assistant professor of Statistics at Uppsala University
Ruth Pöttgen, Senior lecturer of Particle physics at Lund University
Yaffa Epstein, Associate professor of Environmental law at Uppsala University
Yvonne Nygård, Associate professor of Industrial biotechnology at Chalmers University of Technology

Ronnie Berntsson Foto: Erik Thor/SUA

Ronnie Berntsson Foto: Erik Thor/SUA

We are proud and honored to welcome our new members, says Ronnie Berntsson, Associate professor of medical chemistry and biophysics at Umeå University, new chairman from 27 May. There is a lot happening now in both society and research. Young academies collaborating worldwide are more important than ever.



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