Michael Schöll

Professor in molecular medicine at University of Gothenburg

Membership period 2021–2026

My research aims to develop methods for identifying pathogenic processes in a brain that will develop a neurodegenerative disorder such as dementia as early in the disease as possible and to describe how that compares to a brain that will age healthily. My research group conducts several clinical trials in which we use brain scan modalities such as positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT), biomarkers measured in cerebrospinal fluid and recently also in blood, as well as different methods to assess cognition, both by neuropsychological testing and app-based at home. We also further technical developments such as novel deep learning-based methods to analyse brain scans and the validation of tracer compounds for PET.


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Michael Schöll Photo: Elena Camporesi

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Interests: Music, old vehicles, martial arts, architecture and of course the brain!
Other: I dropped out of the medical program to become a musician (it did not happen…).

I am passionate about research but experience that the circumstances under which research is conducted at different stages of the career often are difficult to understand, random and unreasonable. The needs of young researchers and research in itself need to be heard more, especially in the political arena, while the gap between research results, their practical implementation and the public interest needs to be narrowed. Young research leaders are the most crucial group for research to be both established and renewed, at the same time as they have enormous pressure on them to establish their own funding, choose research specialization and being supervisors, often without consistent support. I strongly believe in the Academy's concept as a voice and interdisciplinary “lobby organization” where like-minded researchers from different fields but in comparable career phases can discuss and pursue important issues that otherwise all too often remain unheard of.”

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