Johan Larsbrink

Associate professor in molecular enzymology at Chalmers University of Technology

Membership period 2021–2026

In my research group we study the enzymes that microorganisms use to break down biomass and use it as a nutrient source. We identify previously unstudied enzymes and perform both biochemical and structural studies to see which chemical bonds the enzymes can break and what the enzymes look like on the atomic scale, which together helps us understand their specific properties.

Our research can lead to improved biofuel production, as the deconstruction of biomass is a key step and needs to be improved in order to make the process more economically viable. We also study how our gut bacteria break down dietary fiber that we cannot digest ourselves, and this gives a better view of how different diets benefit different species in the gut. We have recently also begun studies of enzymes that can be used as antimicrobials, by breaking down the protective barriers surrounding both bacteria and fungi.


1. Photo: Erik Thor/YAS 2. Photo: Martin Jansson (Click to enlarge)

Johan Larsbrink Foto: Erik Thor/YAS

Click for high resolution press portrait. Foto: Erik Thor/SUA


Born: 1982
Interests: Film, running and travel.
Other: I competed in swimming throughout my upbringing. As an adult, in addition to Sweden, I have also lived in Japan, Canada and Norway.

I see the membership as an opportunity to get involved in issues that affect young researchers, from the established researchers represented in the Young Academy of Sweden, to the students, doctoral students and postdocs that we ourselves supervise.”

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