Gabriele Messori

Professor in meteorology at Uppsala University

Membership period 2021–2026

Rapid climate change is leading to an increase in the number and intensity of many extreme weather events around the world. A warmer climate will, for example, allow for heavier precipitation and more intense heat waves than those we experience at present. However, there is great uncertainty about exactly how and where extreme weather events occur and how they will change in the coming decades.

I am Professor in meteorology at the Department of Earth Sciences, and the Center for Natural Hazards and Disaster Science at Uppsala University. A large part of my research focuses precisely on extreme weather events. I try to answer questions such as: what should we expect in the coming decades regarding extreme weather in Europe? How can we use weather forecasts to prevent weather-related damage? Can we predict the societal impact of future extreme weather events? I work with climate observations, climate models and statistical models, to get a better understanding of how we can prepare for our future climate.

Gabriele Messori Foto: Mikael Wallerstedt


Born: 1988
Interests: I like hiking in nature during the summer and cross-country skiing during the winter. When I'm not out in nature, I like to visit opera and ballet performances.
Other: I am very interested in Swedish food traditions and have learned to cook several dishes.

My vision is an open, inclusive world of research that plays a central role in society. I am particularly involved in two issues. It is partly about making it career-wise profitable for researchers to communicate science through a wider range of channels than just area-specific journals. Secondly, it is important to reach young people in the most efficient way possible who have not had as much contact with researchers before. Being a member of the Young Academy of Sweden is an important step for me to be able to work towards these goals.

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