Members and staff. Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden

Members and staff an academy meeting. The members represent different disciplines and universities. They meet for two-day long stay-over gatherings, which constitute the foundation for all activities of the Young Academy of Sweden. Currently four to five Academy meetings are held each year and the meeting place rotates around the country and abroad, in order to facilitate contact with key figures and institutions. Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden

Our Vision, Aim and Purpose

Young Academy of Sweden's vision is to shape the future of Sweden by initiating cross-border, idea generating encounters with the aim to inspire, promote and disseminate knowledge of science and research.

Aim and purpose

  1. To bring together prominent younger scientists in various disciplines to spark new - often unexpected - ideas
  2. Inspire children and young people to science and research
  3. Spread knowledge about research and science
  4. Inform decision makers and influence current and future research policy

This is what we do to achieve them

Young Academy of Sweden is working with great enthusiasm in many areas to achieve our aim and purpose.

Ideation encounters

  • Enables interdisciplinary conversations that catalyze new thinking where unexpected ideas emerge and evolve
  • Creates contact surfaces and greater understanding between disciplines that paves the way for new breakthroughs
  • Builds a strong new generation of researchers who, with increased insight takes responsibility for Swedish research and renews the academic world
  • Creates a unique network for future research leaders that spans disciplinary boundaries, between universities and across the country

Inspire children and young people

  • Promotes commitment in the next generation to raise interest in science and research
  • Listening to and talking about research and science with school children
  • Acting as role models and inspire young people to the profession of researchers
  • Challenging stereotypes of what a scientist is

Spread knowledge

  • Spark public interest in and understanding of research and its significance in society
  • Create interfaces between academia and society
  • Arrange outreach activities that problematize issues of great relevance to society
  • Take active part and provide a scientific perspective in the public debate


  • Building bridges between researchers and decision makers
  • Improve conditions for future generations of young scientists

Young Academy of Sweden
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+ 46 (0)8 673 9500

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