Joachim Oberhammer

Associate professor in Radio-frequency microsystems at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Membership period 2014–2019

Radio-frequency microsystems, or radio-frequency micro-electromechanical systems, are miniaturized electrical components with small mechanically moving parts of micrometer to millimeter dimensions, which are interacting with radio-frequency signals up to terahertz frequencies and provide near ideal electrical properties. Such RF micro-electromechanical components find a wide range of applications including telecommunication, radar technology, remote sensing, medical diagnosis, security and space applications and are, for instance, used in mobile phones for tuning the antenna.

Joachim Oberhammer

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Born: 1976
Family: girlfriend and a daughter.
Interests: traditional Japanese culture especially, chado (Japanese tea ceremony), yoga, outdoor life,
model airplanes.

“I have gone through large parts of the food chain of a research life, from PhD student to post-doc to research leader. The next challenge for me is to try and also actively influence the development of the research environment. The Swedish research culture is quite confident with itself, but there are several shortcomings compared to other countries, for example regarding the renewal of the faculty. Young researchers have a greater potential for change than already established parts of academia, and the Young Academy of Sweden can create a dynamic research environment that I would like to actively participate in.”

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