Christer Nordlund

Professor, History of ideas, Umeå university

Membership period 2011–2016

I am Professor of History of Science and Ideas, a field studying how thoughts and concepts about humans, nature, society and the superficial have developed, circulated and changed over time and space. My reseach is primarily focused on the cultural, material and intellectual history of science, technology and the environment, from 1800 onward, mainly in a Scandinavian context.

At the Faculty of Arts, Umeå University, I am Director of the multidisciplinary research group Umeå Studies in Science, Technology and Environment (USSTE), which includes projects on for example the history and culture of biomedicine, bio fuels and forestry.

My latest book, Hormones of Life (2011), explores how the first hormone based medicines in Sweden where developed in the borderland between science, medicine, industry, politics and media. The aim of my research is to contribute to the understanding and debate about how new knowledge is produced, motivated, communicated, evaluated, and used – or not used.


Christer Nordlund 2013

The Academy published its first book in September 2013 at the Göteborg Book Fair. “Vägar till vetenskapen – Sveriges unga akademi om att bli och vara forskare” (Roads to Science – the Young Academy of Sweden on becoming and being a researcher) is a collection of short autobiographies by the first generation academy members. Christer is the book's Chief Editor.

Christer Nordlund Foto: Markus Marcetic

Click for a high resolution press photo. Photo: Markus Marcetic/YAS


Born: 1970
Family: Wife, son (born 2006) and daughter (born 2009)
Intressen: Family, culture and running.
Övrigt: Have been a guest researcher at Cambridge University, Max Planck Institute for History of Science, Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study etc.

"It is instructive and inspiring to exchange thoughts and experiences with researchers from different subjects and universities. It gives me a great insight into the diversity of the university, at the same time as I gain perspective on my own research field. I also get the opportunity to participate in the work of developing and improving research conditions on a structural level, which is a meaningful challenge.”

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