Annika Pohl

Assistant Professor, Materials chemistry, Uppsala university

Membership period 20112016

My research focus on complex oxid- and composite materials, which she processes using solution based chemical syntheses. The overall aim in my research is to increase knowledge-base about the correlation between structure and different properties in optical and magnetic nanomaterials, as well as developing methods for synthesizing new multifunctional materials. In time this basic research may lead to new components for an example within communication- and information technology.

Annica Pohl Foto: Markus Marcetic

Click for a high resolution press photo. Photo: Markus Marcetic


Born: 1972
Family: Common-law husband and son
Interests: Photography, garden, growing carrots

I am a member of the Young Academy of Sweden because I have an extremely high commitment not only to research but also to research policy issues.”

Young Academy of Sweden
c/o The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Box 50005
SE-104 05 Stockholm

+ 46 (0)8 673 9500

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