Stefan Engblom

Professor in Scientific Computing at Uppsala University

Membership period 2016–2021

My area of research is Scientific computing, a multidisciplinary field in which the use of computational models to capture and understand various aspects of reality is investigated. The subject encompasses mathematical modeling in various applications as well as the development and analysis of computing methodologies at broad. Also studied is how to implement methods efficiently and how to handle experimental data. I have taken an interest in computational modeling in Cell biology, Epidemilogy, and Structural biology, but have also developed computational methods for Microfluidics, Micromagnetism and Fluid mechanics.

A common denominator for many of the applications I have worked with is the fact that one uses randomness in the modeling. This is done in order to capture the
effect of those parts of reality not easily modeled by more traditional means.


Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden (Click to enlarge)

Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden (Click to enlarge)

Portrait (click for high resolution portrait): Lovisa Engblom. Stefan at the blackboard (Click to enlarge) Photo: Henrik Johansson

Stefan Engblom Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden

(Click for high resolution image)
Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden


Born: 1976
Family: Married to Märta Cullhed Engblom (midwife), four children: Miriam b. 04, David b. 06, Sofia b.
08 och Martin b. 12.
Intrests: When time allows I enjoy dancing Argentinian tango, working out with kettlebells and listening to classical music. All of the above in different combinations!

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