Anna Dreber Almenberg

Johan Björkman Professor of Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics

Membership period 2016–2021

I do research in behavioral economics, often interdisciplinary, and in collaboration with researchers in fields such as psychology, anthropology, endocrinology and mathematical biology.


Click to enlarge. Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden

Anna Dreber Almenberg Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden

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Photo: Erik Thor/Young Academy of Sweden


Born: 1981
Family: Johan, also economist, and our sons Tim and Paul.
Interests: family, research, books (mostly science fiction), travel, wine (I have published two articles in the Journal of Wine Economics).

I want to influence how research is conducted and interpreted by researchers, the media and society at large, and the young academy is a perfect platform for that. Like many others, I am concerned about the low degree of replicability of scientific studies and I believe that we must rethink how we conduct research and how we communicate scientific results. I also appriciate the exciting interdisciplinary discussions in the Young academy.

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