Magnus Jonsson, Vice Chair

Assistant professor in Organic electronics at Linköping University

Membership Period 2015–2020

We explore nanooptical and organic photonic phenomena and their use in novel applications, such as new types of biosensing methods. Focus is on metal nanostructures, which interacts strongly with light through charge oscillations known as plasmons. Other research interests include developing new nanofabrication techniques, nanofluidics and surface chemistry for sensing applications.

I am the Academy's Vice Chair 2018–2019.


Magnus Jonsson
Magnus Jonsson Foto: Erik Thor
Magnus Jonsson Foto: Erik Thor

1. Magnus Jonsson in Kavlinolab magazine 2012, 2. and 3. Photo: Erik Thor (Click to enlarge)

Magnus Jonsson Foto: Erik Thor

(Click for high resolution portrait) Photo: Erik Thor


Born: 1981
Interests: Play and listen to music, from Russian piano to obscure electonic music. I also like climbing and go boating.

“I see the Young Academy of Sweden as the ideal platform for both discussions about and for influencing the future of research. The wide range of different researchers the Academy represent on the same time provide a stimulating environment for interesting conversations and a breeding ground for interdisciplinary collaborations.”

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