From the left, top row: Sverker Lundin (CEO), new Chair Ronnie Berntsson, Ann-Kristin Kölln, David Karlander, Måns Magnusson. From the left, front row: Yaffa Epstein, Iva Lučić, Yvonne Nygård, Juan Rocha and Mia Liinason (former Chair) (not present: Ruth Pöttgen). Photo: YAS

Young Academy of Sweden celebrates 12 years and welcomes new members

On May 27, YAS convened. The meeting was held in connection with the annual celebration when the academy had the pleasure of welcoming eight new members.

Some of Sweden's most prominent young researchers inducted into the Young Academy of Sweden

By arranging a shorter academy meeting before the summer when the new members are welcomed, a head start is made possible in the autumn when many activities are planned. The new members were introduced to the operations and immediately began their participation in YAS. The new members also had the opportunity to join the work in the academy's so-called preparation groups. These met and discussed activities in their respective areas: research policy, internationalization and outward-facing activities. The groups also appointed new convenors and secretaries for the coming year and, as usual, the entire academy had the opportunity to take part in the group discussions during the feedback session.

Stefan Bengtsson, rector at Chalmers University of Technology talks about Chalmers' vision work. Photo: YAS

A visionary academy

The theme for the academy meeting and anniversary was A visionary academy. Stefan Bengtsson, rector at Chalmers University of Technology visited the academy and shared Chalmers' vision work. Stefan talked about Chalmers' special opportunities to work long-term and independently because the university is organized in the form of a foundation. At the same time, YAS presented its Vision 2030, which the academy has worked on during the year, and the academy had the opportunity to discuss it with Stefan Bengtsson.

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