Beatrice Crona

Associate professor in Transdisciplinary environmental science, Executive Director of the Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere Program at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Membership period 2012–2017

I have a background in marine ecology and since my PhD I have worked to integrate different social science theories and methods with ecology to improve understanding of complex social-ecological dynamics. My research focuses on understanding the role of trade in marine resource governance outcomes from different angles; examining how aspects of the seafood trade contribute to the unsustainable use and the effects of this on governance at multiple level, understanding how increasing market integration plays out at local levels of small-scale fisheries by creating traps or helping to alleviate poverty. A third aspect deals with how eco-labeling interacts with consumer perceptions to create outcomes of relevance for marine governance. I also do research on governance issues related to natural resources more broadly, as well as science-policy interactions in the environmental policy domain.

Beatrice Crona


Born: 1974

Family: My husband Tim Daw is also a researcher, his work concerns coastal resource systems. We have to children, a son and a daughter.

Interestes: outdoor sports

“I am a member of the Young Academy of Sweden primarily because of the exchange with all the other fantastic members from various disciplines. As an environmental researcher I am used to interdisciplinary exchange, something that the Academy has taken to an entirely new level. The Academy is a perfect platform for us to improve the conditions of doing research and promote research among young people. I also appreciate that we, with the help of the secretariat, are able to achieve so much without interfering with my duties as Director of the Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere programme.”

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