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Martin Högbom (chair.), Sara Strandberg, Maria Tenje, Joachim Oberhammer, Ericka Johnson, Staffan I. Lindberg, Kirsten Kraiberg Knudsen and Anna Sjöström Douagi (CEO).Photo: Annika Moberg


Young Academy of Sweden, now an independent organization, proudly welcomes seven new members. Our new members represent different areas of research: from law, engineering sciences and social sciences to astronomy and particle physics. It paves the way for interdisciplinary meetings, one of the Academy's hallmark.

Martin Högbom

– As an independent organization Young Academy of Sweden will continue to pursue issues related to science and research. Not least young adults interest for research and to think innovatively. We don't know what the political landscape will look like in Sweden after the elections this fall, but we do promise that Young Academy of Sweden will keep contributing with constructive solutions to improve how research and education are organized and financed in Sweden. Personally I very much look forward to listening to our new members experiences and ideas, and to see what new activities they will lead to, says Martin Högbom, Professor in structural biochemistry and Chair for Young Academy of Sweden.

New members

Seven prominent young researchers were welcomed to the Academy 24 May.

Sanja Bogojevic

Sanja Bogojevic, docent, juridik, Lunds universitet.

Ericka Johnson

Ericka Johnson, docent, teknik och social förändring, Linköpings universitet.

Kirsten Kraiberg Knudsen

Kirsten Kraiberg Knudsen, forskarassistent, astronomi, Chalmers tekniska högskola. Foto: Robert Cumming OSO

Staffan I. Lindberg

Staffan Lindberg, professor, statsvetenskap, V-Dem Institute, Göteborgs universitet. Foto: Johan Wingborg GU

Joachim Oberhammer

Joachim Oberhammer, lektor, radiofrekvensmikrosystem, Kungliga Tekniska högskolan.

Sara Strandberg

Sara Strandberg, lektor, elementarpartikelfysik, Stockholms universitet. Foto: Jonas Strandberg

Maria Tenje

Maria Tenje, biträdande lektor, elektrisk mätteknik, Lunds universitet. Foto: LIvia Rostovanyi

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