From the left: Anna Wetterbom (CEO), Magnus Jonsson (Chair 2019–2020),Ylva Söderfeldt, Johan Rockberg, Ewa Machotka, Anna T. Danielsson, Christian Ohm and Maria Tenje (Chair 2018–2019). Click to zoom. Photo: Young Academy of Sweden

Eight prominent researchers to the Young Academy of Sweden

The Young Academy of Sweden is an independent forum for younger, leading researchers representing all research disciplines. The membership period is limited to five years, which makes up the rejuvenation elixir. On May 25, eight new members were welcomed, from Karolinska Institutet, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Umeå University and Uppsala University.

Top row, from the left: Frida Bender (photo: Eva Dalin), Ronnie Berntsson (photo: Josy ter Beek), Anna T. Danielsson (photo: Mikael Wallerstedt), Petter Brodin (photo: Ulf Sirborn). Bottom row, from the left: Ewa Machotka(foto: Magnus Kardal), Johan Rockberg (photo: Rasmus Bengtsson), Ylva Söderfeldt (photo: David Naylor), Christian Ohm (photo: Asin Delawi) Click to zoom.


FRIDA BENDER, Associate Professor in Meteorology at Stockholm University

RONNIE BERNTSSON, Associate Senior Lecturer in Medical Chemistry and Biophysics at Umeå University

PETTER BRODIN, Associate Professor in Immunology at Karolinska Institutet

ANNA T. DANIELSSON, Professor of Curriculum Studies at Uppsala University

EWA MACHOTKA, Associate Professor of Japanese Language and Culture at Stockholm University

CHRISTIAN OHM, Researcher in Experimental Particle Physics at the Royal Institute of Technology

JOHAN ROCKBERG, Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biotechnology and Directed Evolution at the Royal Institute of Technology

YLVA SÖDERFELDT, Associate Senior Lecturer in History of Science and Ideas at Uppsala University

Magnus Jonsson Photo: Erik Thor/SUA

Photo: Erik Thor/SUA

New Chair Magnus Jonsson

- The election of new members is among the most important and most enjoyable things we do. The members are the academy itself and we put a lot of effort and care into the process, Magnus Jonsson, Associate Professor of Organic Electronics at Linköping University, who is the Academy's appointed Chair for 2019–2020.

A strong voice

The Young Academy of Sweden has established itself as a strong voice in the higher education sector. The limited term of office means that the members feel it is important to take advantage of the platform, which further increases the commitment. Concrete proposals for clear career paths for researchers and a university tour with career seminars (eight so far) are examples of successful recipes, as is the continuous work for gender equality.

The members meet across discipline and university borders to learn from each other and create activities together. They engage a lot in outreach activities and want to broaden the idea of who can be a researcher. Through activities such as summer school and short film festivals for young people, openings are created to talk about knowledge. Also regarding research policy issues, the academy is driven and often early out with workshops and debate articles to improve the conditions for research, for example the upcoming research bill, gender equality in the sector, open science, and the current government appointed investigation about management/steering and resource allocation to universities (Strut-utredningen).


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