Jenny Larsson, Anna Sjöström Douagi Photo: Markus Marcetic

Jenny Larsson, President, and Anna Sjöström Douagi, CEO. Photo: Markus Marcetic

Brussels 4–5 November: International meeting of the European Young Academies

The Young Academy of Sweden's President together with the CEO are meeting fellow Young Academies from all over Europe to workshop and discuss the nature of and possible futures for young academies.

Attendees are delegates from the Young Academies of Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and the European Young Academy. Each Academy will give a short presentation of their organization. The Belgian Jonge Academie is hosting the meeting.

2nd Worldwide Meeting of Young Academies in Stockholm

16–18 November the Young Academies will meet again for the 2nd Worldwide Meeting of Young Academies in Stockholm.

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