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Q&A regarding election of new members

Q: Is it fun to be a member?

A: Yes!!!

Q: How do I become a member?

A: The first step is to send in an application, the period for application is usually open from November to early January. Our election committee will then evaluate the scientific merits of all applicants and invite the best candidates to interviews. Based on this, the election panel proposes new members for formal election by the academy.

Q: How is my application evaluated?

A: Applications for membership are evaluated on two criteria: (1) scientific merits and (2) interest and ability to participate in the academy. The evaluation is done by an interdisciplinary panel of academy members. If needed the panel consults with external experts to assess scientific merits.

Q: Can I nominate someone else to the academy?

A: No, aspiring new members have to send in an application by themselves.

Q: How many apply and how many new members are elected every year?

A We usually receive 65-80 applications and elect 6-8 new members per year. This means that the competition is tough and we encourage you to apply again if you were not successful the first time. It is not uncommon for members to apply several times before being elected.

Q: Are there pre-defined quota of members from different scientific disciplines?

A: No. The academy is open to researchers from all scientific disciplines, but all disciplines may not be present at all times. When electing new members we strive for diversity in terms of scientific background, different universities and gender. The best way to achieve diversity is to make sure that we receive high-quality applications from a broad range of researchers.

Q: Do I have to be a Swedish citizen?

A: No, but we expect that members are based at a Swedish research institution during the membership period (5 years).

Q: Do I have to speak Swedish?

A: We have a pragmatic approach to language and use English when needed. However, we strongly encourage members to learn Swedish to be able to participate in all types of external activities and take full advantage of the network.

Q: Is there any remuneration for members?

A: The academy pays for travel and hotel at meetings and when members represent the academy. There is no further remuneration for the time spent.

Q: How much time do I have to commit as a member?

A: We are very much a working academy and the more time you commit the more rewarding it is to be a member :-) The whole academy usually meets four times a year for two-day meetings. In addition to this our members participate, to varying degrees, in internal and external activities.

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